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If you do not agree with me - then may I make a suggestion for you today?

 - get back to me tomorrow and tell me you’re still not feeling it! Don’t worry by the end of the week you’ll be smiling, dancing, laughing & spreading the love! - there’s no end to all the FUN YOU CAN HAVE in East London!! - 

1) Start off by booking a table @Sushi Samba on the top of the Heron Towers! Yes my friends, East London has it all! I love sushi, and I know you do too! But even better when you can enjoy it on a roof with one of the best views in the city!

At Sushi Samna the COCKTAILS GROWS ON TREES, the food is a FAIRY TALE AND even the prices are agreeable!!! What more could you want on a sunny Thursday like this???

Well read on ….. ;-)

Heron Tower
110 Bishopsgate


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